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More than 200 Chinese Academy of Sciences projects such as coal glycol "- service has become an important force to lead the upgrading and sustainable development of the manufacturing industry." Henan Province

Coal glycol and other more than 200 Chinese Academy of Sciences projects "take root" in Henan Province

September 4, 2012

[China paint information] high-tech projects such as high-performance carbon fiber, coal glycol, mining lifesaving system, new hepatitis B vaccine have settled in Henan Province, Made in Henan

on September 1, mh700 high-performance carbon fiber products were passing the test on the production line of carbon fiber company of Henan coal chemical group. The "cooperative development of high-performance carbon fiber" project is a project jointly developed by the Shanxi Institute of coal chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Henan coal chemical industry group. The positioning of the project is to produce high-end aerospace. However, what proportion of MEDTEC China materials will these organisms be unveiled in Shanghai with the newly launched natvar medical catheter series and the colorite thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) particle series With what process and chemical polymer mixed grade carbon fiber products. At present, the project has invested 740million yuan and successfully produced qualified mh300 high-performance carbon fiber products, marking the completion of the largest high-performance carbon fiber production base in China in our province

in Yongcheng, Xinxiang, Luoyang, Anyang and Puyang, five coal to ethylene glycol production lines with a total investment of 8billion yuan are under construction. "There are workers walking around in the coal to ethylene plant. Glycol is produced by using coal instead of oil. This' coal to ethylene glycol project development 'project, which is a cooperation between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Henan coal chemical industry group, is a world-class technology with completely independent intellectual property rights in China." Lu Chuncao said

in addition, since the establishment of the Henan center in 2010, more than 200 scientific and technological projects of the Chinese Academy of sciences have successively settled in Henan, realizing the deep integration of science and technology and industry

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