More than 500 people gathered in Suzhou for a wate

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More than 500 people gathered in Suzhou for a water-based technology feast

more than 500 people gathered in Suzhou for a water-based technology feast

October 27th, 2017

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on October 27th, 2017, the 2017 (15th) annual meeting of water-based Technology Co sponsored by the Professional Committee for the application of water-based technology of the Chinese Chemical Society and the magazine coating industry was held in Suzhou. The meeting attracted more than 500 technical and marketing personnel from coating, adhesive, ink and other fields to participate in the exchange

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on the morning of the 24th, the conference was grandly opened in Suzhou at Grand Buckingham Hotel in Wuzhong, Suzhou. The leader of the organizer is Mr. zhaoxiaodong, chairman of the water-based Technology Application Professional Committee of the society of chemical industry of China, Ms. Chen Hong, secretary general, Mr. Lin Zhaokun, head of Changxing chemical industry (China) Co., Ltd., the leader of the main co organizer, Mr. Wang Tao, technical director of Guangdong top Synthetic Technology Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zhang Shun, general manager of Tianjin Saifei Chemical Technology Development Co., Ltd, Leaders of the co organizers: Mr. Jiang Rong, technical service manager of Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhu Yan'an, general manager of water-based paint business department of garberry Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Mr. liguiyou, technical engineer of Shanghai East Fluorine Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Cao Yacheng, laboratory director of coiled material coating branch of CNOOC Changzhou environmental protection coating Co., Ltd Mr. Zhu Min, technical and marketing manager of UCAR chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Mr. Tanita, general manager of Asahi chemical (Nantong) Co., Ltd. Shanghai branch attended the opening ceremony of the conference. The opening ceremony was presided over by Ms. Chen Hong, Secretary General of the water-based special committee. Chairman Zhao Xiaodong and Minister Lin Zhaokun delivered opening speeches respectively

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(view all pictures of Chinese coatings)

(view all pictures of Chinese coatings)

through the theme report on the morning of the first day of the conference, the guests mainly understood the application of waterborne polyurethane in the cosmetics industry, the role of waterborne environmental protection additives in waterborne coatings, and discussed the treatment of three wastes and environmental protection production involved in the development of waterborne technology

Professor Wang wusheng made a thematic report entitled "Application of waterborne polyurethane in cosmetics industry". He pointed out in the report: at present, the technology of waterborne polyurethane has become more and more mature and its application fields have become more and more extensive. Since entering the cosmetics industry, the popularity of waterborne polyurethane has remained high. Through a large number of market data analysis, Mr. Wang provided a new perspective for many water-based Pu enterprises present

Ye Maorong, deputy director of Changxing Material Industry Co., Ltd., shared the future development direction and market prospect of aquatic products from the perspective of the industry. Combined with the current work of Changxing chemical, he introduced practical experience with practical significance from the perspectives of "three wastes treatment" and "environmental protection production"

general manager Zhang Shun of Tianjin Saifei Chemical Technology Development Co., Ltd. made a report entitled "analysis of surface behavior in the application of water-based coatings". In the report, general manager Zhang said that economic and environmental friendly additives will be a powerful driving force to promote the industry's water-based in the future

Dr. Zheng Jinbao, senior engineer of Xiamen University, closely followed the hot topic of paint coating waste gas treatment, introduced the latest research progress of their team in VOC treatment, waste water treatment and other aspects, and provided a set of economic and effective environmental protection solutions for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises

in the afternoon of the 24th, the conference held a special discussion from the three application fields of "water-based industrial coatings", "water-based Wood Coatings" and "environmental friendly adhesives", and each sub venue brought a lot of industry information to the participants through the combination of "expert reports" and "theme forums"

in the "special session of water-based industrial coatings", Mr. zhanghanqing, director of the water-based coating technology research institute of the national coating engineering technology research center, served as the executive chairman, liguiyou, manager of Shanghai Dongfu Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., Feng Wei, manager of maitu high tech materials (China) Co., Ltd., Yan Feng, engineer Yu Bing of Weishitong, Yan Feng, Professor Sun Dongcheng of South China University of technology, Professor Yan Fu'an of Wuhan University of engineering Dr. Wu CHONGYING of Changxing Material Industry Co., Ltd. and pan Zuo senior engineer of CIMC group made special reports respectively

manager liguiyou mainly introduced two new products of Dongfu company, namely, water-based flexible ceramic coating and water-based nano hybrid resin, to show the market concept of new materials, high performance, specialization and differentiation of Dongfu company through the sharing of novel technologies

manager Feng Wei's report covers many product systems of maitu company. Through the analysis and comparison of data, he showed that the adhesion and corrosion resistance of innovative silicone products to industrial coating substrates have been greatly improved in the application process. The diversified silane modifying additives also provide more flexible solutions for coating manufacturers

as the technical director of downstream user units, engineer Yu Bing emphasized the great advantages of water-based coatings in dealing with environmental protection policies and customer groups from the perspective of VOC emission reduction. At the same time, he also objectively compared the advantages and disadvantages of water-based paint and solvent based paint. With the help of the current industry standards and regulations, he caused the reflection of the coating and raw material manufacturers present

Professor Sun Dongcheng brought his latest research results saga waterborne epoxy resin and sucu waterborne epoxy resin curing agent at this meeting. Starting from the reaction mechanism, he elaborated the design idea in detail and highlighted the performance advantages of the new results in combination with the experimental data. Mr. Sun also recommended alternative combination schemes on site, which brought new inspiration to the hydration of anti-corrosion coatings

Based on the current domestic environmental protection policies and regulations, Professor Yan Fu'an introduced in detail nine types of water-based hybrid resin resins, such as epoxy hybrid metal antirust lotion, water-based polyurethane acrylate resin hybrid, and water-based polyurethane oil acrylate resin hybrid. He also shared the different performance advantages of various hybrid resins, and elaborated on their technical characteristics

Dr. Wu CHONGYING of Changxing chemical introduced that water-based epoxy esters often encounter problems in the field of light corrosion prevention, such as uncertain dosage of driers, selection of PVC, matching of pigments and fillers, and non drying in the surface and inside. In view of the above problems, he proposed a specific solution based on the work done by Changxing company, and verified the feasibility of the solution through experimental data

pan zuogao worked as a downstream user in the field of corrosion protection. First, he shared the environmental protection regulations and relevant standards of the container industry for the reference of coating enterprises attending the meeting. Subsequently, he described in detail the defects existing in the current waterborne container paint and the problems that need to be improved in the coating line with actual cases, thus putting forward new requirements and goals to the coating enterprises attending the meeting

at the same time, the meeting invited the downstream principals of giante, Zhenhua heavy industry, Fangtai kitchenware, CIMC, Yanfeng Visteon, Philips Lighting, etc. to the meeting. Through the topics of "technical bottleneck and entry point of changing industrial paint oil to water", "whether it is necessary to hydrate the anti-corrosion field", "how to grasp the green production of the whole industrial chain", it proposed that under the current policy promotion, The problems and specific requirements arising from the application of water-based industrial coatings, together with coating enterprises such as nippon, Jotun, Yutong, Feijing, PPG, resin enterprises such as Changxing, nupecs and Dongfu, made an in-depth discussion on the technical progress and market demand of water-based industrial coatings in various fields such as household appliances, port machinery, containers, auto parts, and shared the development direction of water-based industrial coatings under the current policy promotion and the requirements of standards and regulations, Provide direction for industrial coating enterprises in the confusion of "oil to water"

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"special session of Waterborne Wood Coatings" was chaired by Mr. Zhu Yan'an, general manager of wood coatings business department of garberry Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Wang Tao, director of Guangdong top Synthetic Technology Co., Ltd., Dr. suyuhui of Changxing Material Industry Co., Ltd., Jing Pengzhan, manager of Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd Xu Na, manager of kostron polymer (China) Co., Ltd., Shen Zhongmin, chairman of Kunshan Magnolia Furniture Co., Ltd., Wang Yingang, manager of the paint and wood business department of Valspar China Resources, and Yang Zhong, researcher of the Wood Industry Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of forestry, elaborated the whole industry chain on the research and final application of resins, solidifying agents and coatings for wood coatings, and fully shared the successful experience of wood coatings oil to water improvement, The supporting scheme of oil to water conversion in the whole industrial chain was presented to the delegates

director Wang Tao first expounded the necessity of developing high-performance waterborne two-component coatings through the analysis of performance, policy, transportation conditions and other aspects. Then, the waterborne two-component polyurethane recently developed by top company is introduced, and its excellent properties in many aspects in the application process are introduced through data analysis

Dr. suyuhui mainly introduced a new type of resin for waterborne wood coatings. Through a large number of tests, Dr. Su made a detailed comparison of film-forming performance, film hardness, clarity on pine board, sandability, etc. the data results show that this kind of resin has excellent performance and is suitable for indoor and outdoor woodwork and PVC veneer

manager Jing Pengzhan launched his report from two aspects: "difficulties and challenges faced by water-based wood paint" and "research and application of water-based two-component wood paint". Combined with the analysis of the market situation and the discussion of the main problems existing in the field of water-based wood paint at present, he believes that high-grade water-based wood paint is more inclined to the direction of 2KPU, and focuses on the application of water-based curing agent of Wanhua company in two-component wood paint

manager Xu Na of costron has brought innovative solutions for high-performance waterborne polyurethane wood coatings. She explained the advantages of high-performance waterborne polyurethane wood coatings by analyzing the characteristics of two-component waterborne paint and Waterborne UV paint, such as low VOC, safety and environmental protection, high hardness, tannin resistance, wood grain wetting, fullness and so on

general manager Shen Zhongmin introduced the problems and bottlenecks that may be encountered in the transformation of solvent based coatings to water-based coatings from the perspective of downstream application enterprises, and shared valuable experience in the process of practice, based on the work of Magnolia company in the "oil to water" for a long time

manager Wang Yingang first interpreted the water-based market and national regulations, and then he focused on the current situation of water-based wood products, and put forward practical solutions in combination with common application problems, which gave more inspiration to the participants

Researcher Yang Zhong emphasized the importance of substrate treatment in the application of wood coatings. Many coating engineering technicians have no in-depth understanding of wood, and there is also a lack of systematic workflow in the process of substrate treatment, resulting in the performance of the paint film far from the laboratory test results. Dr. Yang's report provides a possible solution to the problem for the wood coating manufacturers present from a unique perspective

after the expert lecture, under the leadership of general manager Jiabaoli Zhu Yan'an, Wang Tao, director of Guangdong top, Wang Yingang, manager of China Resources paint, Ma Qianghua, director of Clivia, Liu Zhigang, director of zhanchen paint, and Yang Zhong, researcher of the woodworking Institute of the Academy of Forestry Sciences, discussed respectively "the technical bottleneck of wood paint oil to water", "the experience sharing of wood paint oil to water", "how to break the current water quality"

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