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More than 280 copies of Dunhuang scattered overseas cultural relics have been returned to their hometown: the original big original color as is release date: Source: China said to investors

on September 2, "find Dunhuang in the world" - Dunhuang scattered overseas fine cultural relics replication Exhibition "was exhibited at the Dunhuang International Exhibition Center in Gansu Province. The works on display are copies of overseas cultural relics unearthed in the Sutra cave in Mogao Grottoes and now scattered, including silk paintings, Paper paintings, prints, scriptures, etc. from the Sixteen Kingdoms of the Eastern Jin Dynasty to the Northern Song Dynasty. These original works are collected in Overseas Collection institutions such as the British Museum, the British National Library, the French National Library, and the Gemini Museum in Paris, France

more than 280 pieces of Dunhuang exquisite cultural relics scattered overseas were reproduced and displayed in Dunhuang in their original size, color and original form, attracting a large number of "Dunhuang fans" to have a look

the Mogao Grottoes were first built in the second year of the Qin Dynasty (366) and the 26th year of the Guangxu reign of the Qing Dynasty (1900). The Taoist Wang Yuanli of the Mogao Grottoes found the Dunhuang Scripture Cave (later cave 17) in the corridor of cave 16, which shocked the world at home and abroad. Many treasures were rediscovered. There are various cultural relics from the 4th to the early 11th century, such as cultural offerings, silk paintings, Paper paintings, magic tools, etc. in the cave, with a total of more than 50000 applications: pieces, covering a wide range of fields, a wide range of disciplines, and a large amount of information, It is breathtaking and is known as one of the four major archaeological discoveries in China in the 20th century

this has brought great reputation to Dunhuang and endless disasters at the same time. Treasure thieves poured in, making many treasures in the Sutra cave scattered overseas, and it is still difficult to gather

Gansu documentary director and Solvay TORLON polyamide imide (PAI), ketaspire polyetheretherketone (PEEK) and avaspire polyaryletherketone (Paek) ultra high performance polymer sealing ring product series have more advantages, Qin Chuan, the person in charge of the exhibition, said, "Most of the 50000 volumes of remains unearthed in cave 17 of the Mogao Grottoes, which is known as the 'Sutra cave' by the outside world, have been scattered overseas. For more than 100 years, Chinese scholars have had to travel across the sea to study their national treasures in foreign museums, unable to see the full picture of Dunhuang remains."

the idea of shooting a documentary about the family background of Dunhuang Cultural Relics Treasury came naturally. Qin Chuan said that the Dunhuang remains scattered overseas are mainly distributed in 12 countries, including Britain, France, Russia, Japan and India. The documentary will go to more than 40 museums and libraries for pull interviews and shooting, clarify the family background of scattered Dunhuang Cultural Relics, show the current situation of the protection and research of Dunhuang Cultural Relics by collection institutions in various countries, interview researchers at home and abroad, and tell the story of Dunhuang for a century

in the process of shooting, Qin Chuan found that "an exhibition hall can be built for Dunhuang overseas scattered cultural relics", shooting, collecting and sorting out graphic and video materials from various countries, so that audiences at home and abroad can see all the Dunhuang treasures in one hall

in January, 2018, "looking for Dunhuang in the world" - Dunhuang scattered overseas fine cultural relics reproduction Exhibition "came into being. After more than a year of exhibition, the exhibition was invited to be exhibited all over the country, setting off a new" Dunhuang fever "

this exhibition will last until September 5. "This exhibition will become a platform for us to report, investigate and deal with the outstanding problems exposed and urge rectification and dialogue with our ancestors across time and space." Qin Chuan said that through the form of exhibition, art lovers at home and abroad can enjoy the Dunhuang fine cultural relics scattered overseas at the "gate of home", so that people can better understand and be familiar with Dunhuang art, and continue to inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation

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