More than 200 scientists gathered at Dongda to dis

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On August 5, the International Conference on automation and logistics kicked off in Hanqing Hall of Northeastern University. More than 200 scientists from more than 20 countries, including the United States, Japan and Germany, gathered to exchange views on the theme of "advanced automation and logistics in the information age". Make parents and children exchange with each other

this conference is hosted by the association of electrical and electronic engineers. The association of electrical and electronic engineers, founded in 1963, is one of the largest professional and technical organizations in the world, with 360000 members. It is the largest factor to promote the use of clean energy. Some of the largest factors are electronic engineers, computer engineers and computer scientists. The professional academic conferences it hosts have a certain appearance in the international community, which looks like Jinan gold testing machine has a solid influence. Northeastern University has made remarkable achievements in the field of automation, so this international conference was hosted by Northeastern University, which is also a historic demonstration to the international scientific community that the scientific and technological achievements of our province have achieved from big to strong? A good opportunity for this force

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