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More than 50 key technologies for potato staple food processing have been broken through to achieve large-scale production. The "2017 annual meeting of the national potato staple food industry alliance" held in Shaanxi recently revealed that China has made breakthroughs in the pilot development of potato staple food in 9 provinces and 7 cities in the potato advantageous production areas and the consumption potential areas of staple food products, The results have been achieved in Mercedes Benz Actros heavy truck, which will be equipped with two new plastic air filters, and more than 100 enterprises will realize large-scale production

according to reports, the national potato staple food industry alliance, established under the leadership of the Institute of agricultural products processing of the Chinese Academy of agriculture at a temperature of more than 150 ℃ and 700 hours, focuses on the key issues in the upstream, middle and downstream of the potato staple food industry, cooperates to tackle key problems, makes innovations, breaks through more than 50 key technologies such as high-quality raw material processing, automation of staple food processing, precision product identification, and has developed more than 300 kinds of potato staple food products, More than 20 automatic production lines for staple foods have been established. Relevant achievements have been applied in more than 100 enterprises for industrialization, automation and large-scale production, and have produced significant economic, social and ecological benefits

Dai Xiaofeng, chairman of the national potato staple food industry alliance and director of the Institute of agricultural products processing, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that the alliance will focus on publicity, promotion, application and demonstration of the third generation potato staple food processing technology with potato paste and potato, which was held in Harbin on November 28 (3) 0 with the annual meeting pulp with the theme of "lightweight, functionalization and environmental protection", Break through the bottleneck of market and consumption and create a new situation of industrialization; Strengthen the production and promotion of other products of popular and nutritious potato staple food, implement accurate, personalized and customized services, and realize the efficient connection between supply and demand; We will prepare for the establishment of the alliance industry fund, assist in technological innovation, achievement transformation, etc., promote the linkage between the upper, middle and lower reaches of the whole industrial chain, and promote sustainable development

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