China's coal demand is expected to decline slowly

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In the next 20 years, China's coal demand is expected to enter the field of auto parts, and the "buying time" is expected to decline slowly.

on March 7, a report released by the Korea Energy Economics Research Institute (keei) showed that due to the priority of using cheap fossil fuels, China's coal demand is expected to decline slowly in the next 20 years

the report shows that in 2040, after the acceleration of China's coal mold filling process, the demand is expected to decline to 2.39 billion tons of coal equivalent, down 13% from 2.75 billion tons of coal equivalent in 2017

the report cites the data released by the International Energy Agency (IEA), which means that by 2040, the average year-on-year decline in China's coal demand is only 0.6%

coal is a low-cost fuel for heating and power supply in power plants, factories and households in the north. However, China's coal consumption has long been known as the main source of particulate pollution in neighboring South Korea

according to the data of the National Institute of environmental protection, 80% of the sources of micro dust pollution in the atmosphere of South Korea come from external sources, mainly from China

recently, South Korea has been shrouded in inhalable dust with a diameter of less than 10 microns, which can cause various respiratory diseases and damage the human immune system

South Korea said it would make the best use of existing financial resources to deal with the problem of micro dust pollution

the report also shows that due to the increase in the number of coal-fired power plants, India's coal demand in the future is expected to be 11 Curve traversal: after the completion of the experiment, it will increase at an average annual rate of 3.4%, from 572 million tons of coal in 2017 to 1.24 billion tons of coal equivalent in 2040

during this period, coal demand in South Korea, Japan and European countries is expected to decline, or offset the growth of coal consumption in emerging Asian countries

the report shows that global coal demand is expected to reach 5.4 billion tons of coal equivalent in 2040, slightly higher than 5.36 billion tons of coal power in 2017

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