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China's panel industry has become a big test for Taiwan manufacturers

Bai Weimin, vice president of China's domestic electronic video industry association, led a delegation to Taiwan to purchase panels for five consecutive years, and was hailed as the queen of panel procurement by the media. However, domestic panel factories have become a climate, and it remains to be seen whether their sixth visit to Taiwan this year will be a success

Bai Weimin led eight domestic color TV factories to Taiwan this year and is expected to arrive on June 16. The first panel factory to visit is Youda. The time is scheduled to attend the seminar held by the Foreign Trade Development Association of the Republic of China on Monday and Tuesday afternoon, visit Hon Hai on Wednesday, and visit mass entrepreneurship on Thursday

insiders pointed out that the eight major color power plants in China have their own plans for purchasing panels, "Bai Weimin led a delegation to Taiwan, and the significance of the declaration is greater than the essence. Even though mass entrepreneurship still maintains the position of the largest TV panel supplier in China, the domestic panel plants Huaxing optoelectronics and BOE 8.5 generation plant were put into production in the fourth quarter of 2011. In 2012, the production capacity exploded, entering the top few in the TV panel supply chain, and there are new expansion plans, It is bound to compress the supply space of the plant

according to the survey of WitsView, a research and research institution, the domestic panel purchase volume in 2012 reached 52.709 million pieces, an increase of 37.5% over 2011. Among them, Taiwan panel factory group innovation and Youda together accounted for about 46.2%, Taiwan factory is still the largest domestic TV panel supplier, South Korea Samsung and LG display (10 prefix [cross head]lgd) together accounted for about 30%, and domestic local panel Factory Huaxing optoelectronics accounted for about 11%, with an amazing growth rate

Huaxing optoelectronics is the main panel supplier of TCL, which is the reinvestment panel factory of eight domestic color power plants. TCL itself has also been ranked among the top five TV brands in the world. For how long the technology leading edge of Taiwan's manufacturers can be maintained, let alone, but in terms of supply volume, it has gradually been replaced by Chinese manufacturers

due to Taiwan's previous withdrawal from the 32 inch TV panel market, the two domestic panel manufacturers have also taken advantage of the situation to monopolize the local 32 inch TV panel market. Although Taiwan's panel manufacturers have developed new sizes, including 39 inches, to drive new panel popular specifications, and to develop larger panels, according to the company, Chinese manufacturers are also catching up

in terms of technology, although Taiwan manufacturers are one generation ahead of Chinese manufacturers and actively expand the ultra-high resolution (4k2k) TV panel market, they are also the largest source of supply in China at present, but Chinese manufacturers continue to poach Taiwan panel manufacturers. There are Taiwan talents who have successfully transferred to domestic panel manufacturers, and there are also R & D directors who are accused of leaking trade secrets with guns, but it is an indisputable fact that Chinese manufacturers continue to improve their technology, The test of Taiwan panel factory is just about to begin

insiders believe that if Bai Weimin does not leak oil after disposal or oil change this time, and the load is still unable to insist on purchasing Taiwan panels, compared with the large amount in previous years, the quantity remains to be seen. In case the purchase volume decreases significantly after next year, whether Bai Weimin will come to Taiwan again and announce the symbolic public purchase amount of panels may also be unknown

however, at the time of the active layout of the panel industry in China, the dynamic random access memory (DRAM) industry has not been supported at the same time. Therefore, it is reported that Bai Weimin came to Taiwan, and the purchase of DRAM may be more urgent than the purchase of panels

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