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Panel manufacturers continue to ship, and inventory may still be adjusted before the end of the year.

npddisplaysearch survey pointed out that LCD TV panels shipped to Chinese TV manufacturers in August increased by 16% compared with the previous month, 5 percentage points higher than the previous expectation, while panel manufacturers' shipping plans in the next few months have hardly been adjusted, and major panel manufacturers are still actively exporting LCD TV panels to the Chinese market. Based on the current high inventory and demand in the industry, npddisplaysearch believes that the more optimistic delivery plan formulated by major panel manufacturers is unlikely to be achieved, and there is still the possibility of further inventory adjustment at the end of this year

lcd TV sales fell slightly by 2% in August, mainly due to the high base period of energy efficiency subsidies in the same period of 2012, and the termination of the subsidy policy at the end of May, so the market is facing short-term adjustment. At present, the inventory of major brand factories before the holiday is still at a high level of 8-10 weeks, and it is expected to be reduced by 2-3 weeks after the National Day holiday. Then, there will be the next wave of stock demand for sales during the new year's day and Spring Festival holidays at the end of the year

npddisplaysearch found that at present, major Chinese brand manufacturers have found the right direction and breakthrough. As the inventory in the peak sales season at the end of the year is still at a high level, especially in the upcoming November, the shipping plan of major panel manufacturers remains at a high level, but under the expectation of panel price decline, the continuous stock demand of TV manufacturers for the upcoming new year's day and Spring Festival sales season appears weak, Moreover, we cannot ignore the high inventory of panel agents, which will jointly affect the panel price adjustment at the end of this year

npddispla can be used for barrier modification of plastics. Zhang Bing, China Market Research Director of ysearch, said that the impact of the energy efficiency subsidy policy on the local plane market in Chinese Mainland was basically eliminated around October; Recently, emerging manufacturers including Xiaomi, Coship, LETV, etc. have flocked to enter, disrupting China's smart TV market. Although the sales volume cannot compete with the traditional TV manufacturers in the short term, its new smart TV operation mode will have a great impact on the price competition, pipeline changes and brand pattern of the flat screen TV market in Chinese Mainland, which is worthy of close attention by the industrial chain manufacturers. Therefore, the clamping force of the samples will change with wear

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