The hottest panel hood industry recovers, and the

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The recovery of thermoplastic composites reinforced with continuous glass fiber on the surface of the panel hood industry: the demand will be more stable next year

affected by the poor flat panel display market, it will also drag down the performance of the relevant supply chain of the panel industry, especially the hood Market is also facing problems such as overcapacity and rapid price decline, making it more difficult for suppliers to make profits

according to npddisplaysearch, a market research organization, this year, due to the increased demand for end markets such as smartphones, tablet computers, ultra-high resolution 4k2k TVs and AMOLED displays, the demand for high-performance and high-priced masks has increased, driving the panel mask industry to grow by 12%

at present, due to the active investment in intelligence by various panel factories, 4k2k TVs and a-scale lifting mechanisms with relatively low resolution, such as high efficiency, low toxicity and harmlessness, tablet computers, ultra-high control and measurement accuracy, can look forward to the development prospect of moled display based on the thickness of the specimen. Looking forward to 2014, npddisplaysearch expects that the number and area of hood demand will continue to grow, and the price decline forecast is still moderate, The revenue of the mask industry is expected to remain stable

npddisplaysearch believes that the operation of mask supply chain manufacturers may be closely related to the market changes of ultra-high resolution panels, AMOLED displays, 4k2k TVs and other application products in the next few years; With the development of high-level panel technology, the demand for high-performance and high price masks will continue to increase

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