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Panasonic electric and its Chinese counterparts talked about the new concept of energy-saving lighting

"the meeting was presided over by Mr. Lu Renbo, Deputy Secretary General of China electronics chamber of Commerce, and lasted for 2 hours. The whole process was recorded through photography, stenography, webcast and other forms. There were more than 60 guests, including government leaders (10), industry experts (10), Japanese Panasonic electricians (4), media (0 people moving the second board to the right), Panasonic customers and dealers (15 people)

"at the symposium, Panasonic electrician and Chinese colleagues discussed the current energy-saving lighting concept in the Chinese market. The leader of the Department of energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of the Ministry of industry and information technology said that the country's macro promotion of "building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society" has brought opportunities for the development of the green lighting industry. The government encourages the implementation of policies and measures to promote efficient and energy-saving products, and is leading the lighting industry in an all-round way to find out and so on; Maybe users are concerned about the transformation of direct information to low-energy and environmental friendly products

 Gutian, chairman of Panasonic electric (China) Co., Ltd., stressed that from the beginning, Panasonic lighting had an exhibition area of 250000 square meters in China, and there was no plan to produce Universal Lighting in the Chinese market. He insisted on only making energy-saving lamps and energy-saving systems, and was exclusively engaged in the development of lighting energy-saving undertakings. In order to promote the energy-saving lighting series in China, Panasonic electrician was invited by the Beijing municipal government to participate in the 2008 Beijing International Lighting Exhibition as one of the world's top 500. At the exhibition, Panasonic electrician put forward the idea that energy-saving lighting system is equal to Panasonic electrician, and displayed the specific products. 1. Progressiveness products of well cover pressure fatigue testing machine

ITO, President of Panasonic lighting society and President of Japan lighting industry association, said, When visiting Japan in May this year, Chinese state leaders proposed to Panasonic that "China is building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and Panasonic also has world-class technology and experience in this regard. Panasonic hopes to give full play to its advantages, actively carry out cooperation with China in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, and make new contributions to the mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Japan." Requirements. As for China's lighting industry, Panasonic has built a complete set of environmental protection and recycling system from manufacturing, use to the final recycling link, realizing social "big energy conservation", and passing the concept of "coexistence with the earth's environment" to the Chinese market. It also hopes to make contributions to the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society through the promotion and use of new e-Hf high-efficiency energy-saving lamps. It is understood that in the past, glass lamp tubes contained lead. Generally, after the lamp tubes were discarded, in the natural environment, due to the effect of acid rain, the lead dissolved in the glass would pollute the soil and penetrate into groundwater, eventually affecting human health. Looking for substitutes for lead has always been an important topic in the field of industrial research in various countries. Panasonic appliances in Japan has successfully found a substitute for "lead" through countless tests. This achievement will be given special recognition in the U.S. electronic and mechanical industry. It was once praised as the invention of plasma, which is comparable to the invention of aircraft by Wright brothers. The application of Panasonic lead-free technology in the new e-Hf energy-saving lamp realizes the protection of the natural environment. At the same time, on the basis of improving the light transmittance of the lamp glass, the luminous efficiency value of the lamp reaches 110 (lm/w), which is the practical lighting product with the highest luminous efficiency in the Chinese market at present

Li Xiao, the business director of Panasonic electric (China) Co., Ltd., believes that manufacturing and promoting the use of high-efficiency energy-saving lamps, saving social resources and reducing consumption costs for users are only part of social environmental protection, and the effective recycling of waste lamps is the best embodiment of the sustainable development of society. Lamps contain toxic and harmful substances such as mercury and lead, and the number of waste lamps is close to 500million every year. If waste lamps are not effectively recycled, it will not only waste a lot of resources, but also have a serious impact on the environment, and bring hidden dangers to consumers. In fact, Panasonic lighting light source company has long regarded the recycling of waste light tubes as its key work project, making contributions to China's environmental protection. As early as 1995, with the establishment of the company, the waste lamp treatment workshop and fluorescent lamp production line were put into use at the same time, which was the first case in China's lighting industry

 experts from the China Lighting Industry Association at the meeting pointed out that the trend of lighting energy conservation driven by policies is accelerating. In the case of soaring global energy prices, energy conservation and consumption reduction are more important than ever in the past. Lighting enterprises should seize the opportunity to obtain a wide range of market recognition through the improvement of efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, and actively promote the popularization and use of energy-saving lamps

after the meeting, the guests took a group photo

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