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Panda Electronics realizes intelligent manufacturing technology with industrial robots

according to the measured load and the deformation of samples, panda will focus on the key core parts of industrial robots, break through and master the key common technologies in the field of industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing, strengthen the technological upgrading ability of enterprises, and enhance the development ability of new products and brand creation ability

when it comes to panda electronics, you first think that it must be the old-fashioned TV at home. However, today's "Panda" has become a provider and service provider of advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment, system integration and overall solutions. For example, the thickness of glass used to produce LCD screen is about 0. 3—0。 4mm, area 5. With an area of about 5 square meters, such large and thin glass cannot be handled manually at all, and "Panda" is the manufacturer that provides intelligent automatic handling equipment

the orders of extruder enterprises will rise significantly.

the automatic production line in the factory has become a key industry for "Panda" to give priority to the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in recent years. Panda Electronics has invested more than 1billion yuan in the R & D and construction of factory automation equipment to further build an international first-class new material innovation highland, talent accumulation highland and industrial development highland, and has Jiangsu enterprise technology center and Jiangsu (panda) robot engineering technology research center

"'panda 'takes intelligent manufacturing as an important strategy of the company and positions itself as a provider of intelligent manufacturing equipment and services to provide solutions for intelligent manufacturing in China. In recent years, it has invested a lot in research and development. It has set up research and development centers in Nanjing and abroad, and its production bases are mainly in Nanjing. At present, its customers are all over the country." Xia de legend, general manager of Nanjing Panda Electronics Co., Ltd

panda intelligent manufacturing currently focuses on the development of new flat panel display factory automation system equipment and liquid crystal glass factory intelligent manufacturing production line system equipment, providing and implementing intelligent manufacturing system solutions. It has successively completed the G6 LCD panel production line and G8 LCD panel production line of Nanjing CLP panda. 5 LCD panel production line and rainbow group LCD glass substrate production line, etc

it is worth mentioning that the LCD glass substrate intelligent manufacturing workshop of rainbow (Hefei) glass metrology annual inspection and calibration testing machine Co., Ltd. is an intelligent management system project with completely independent intellectual property rights, which has been accepted by the national "three ministries and commissions". In 2015, the project was approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology as the first batch of national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects, which has a demonstration effect on domestic electronic glass manufacturing industry, electronic components and machine manufacturing industry and other process and discrete manufacturing enterprises, especially on the intelligent manufacturing upgrading of domestic discrete manufacturing enterprises with high energy consumption

speaking of the intelligent manufacturing workshop of liquid crystal glass substrates, Xia de said: "in recent years, in terms of glass substrate purification plants, 'Panda' has provided billions of equipment to domestic factories, completely breaking the foreign technological monopoly."

in addition to making a complete set of automation solutions, panda will also invest a lot in core components and equipment. At present, there is a research and development team of nearly 30 people in Tokyo, Japan, mainly employing local Japanese experts, and there is also a research and development team of nearly 200 people in Nanjing

it is reported that next, "Panda" will focus on the key core parts of industrial robots, break through and master the key common technologies in the field of industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing, strengthen the technological upgrading ability of enterprises, and enhance the ability of new product development and brand creation. By 2020, the intelligent manufacturing industry based on industrial robots of "Panda" will reach the domestic leading level, and the technical equipment in key fields will reach the international advanced level. The industrial robots of its own brand will form 7 series and 20 varieties, with a vision to achieve an annual revenue of 10 billion yuan, and become a benchmark enterprise of "made in China 2025"

in addition to being a provider of intelligent manufacturing equipment and services, Xiade legend: "panda itself is a large electronic enterprise. We are not only the provider and solver of smart factory solutions, but also gradually carry out intelligent transformation of the old traditional manufacturing plants under panda from this year. It is expected that next year, there will be two smart manufacturing plants under panda, which will fully realize intelligent manufacturing."

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