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On September, 2010 China (Chengdu) Electronics Exhibition (CEF West), which is widely favored in the industry, was grandly held at the Chengdu Century New Town International Conference Center. Beijing Zhongke pan China Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as pan China Measurement and control) participated in the event with relevant products and solutions in the fields of national defense and automotive electronics, and discussed the current situation of the Western testing and measurement industry with colleagues from around the world

as a professional exhibition in the electronics and testing and measurement industry, Chengdu Electronics Exhibition plays a decisive role in the industry. This time, pan China Measurement and control also moved in response to the trend, bringing system level products and solutions for the exhibition, such as car window ECU test system, car dashboard final inspection test system, avionics equipment test system and rotating machinery test system

pan China Measurement and control has been designed with flexible testing technology as the core design concept for many years. These professional products have fully considered the customers' requirements for the accuracy, reliability, adaptability, flexibility and scalability of the test system, and are built in combination with the latest development trend of the industry. For example, the auto instrument panel detection system displayed by Pan China Measurement and control mainly uses machine vision technology to detect the relevant components of the auto instrument panel, which avoids the mistakes caused by manual detection and greatly improves the reliability of the test, such as wedge-shaped fixture. Rotating machinery test system is a comprehensive and complete solution for high-speed data acquisition and analysis of temperature, pressure, vibration, flow and other data in rotating machinery experiments. Its emergence has changed the defects of huge investment, multiple equipment and repeated functions, and multiple cooperative units are difficult to share test data in such tests

at the 14th International Symposium on electronic testing and measurement held at the same time, pan China Measurement and control engineers also brought a wonderful speech entitled "building a high reliability automated test system" to the participants. From the reliability of test equipment and test results, pan China engineers answered the problem of system reliability construction, which attracted much attention in the process of automated testing, and caused strong repercussions from the audience

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* about flexible testing technology

flexible testing technology is a technology that focuses on the overall function and performance of testing and measurement systems, and studies and develops methods and means to meet the needs of testing and measurement systems. It takes virtual instrument technology as the core, and integrates many technologies such as testing and measurement, electromechanical integration, network communication and software; Taking the accuracy, reliability, adaptability, flexibility and expansibility of the test system as the research goal, "Zimmermann said; It is not only application-oriented, but also focused on the development of testing industry, which promotes the rapid development of modern testing technology in practical applications

* about Pan China Measurement and control

Pan China Measurement and control was founded in 1997. After more than ten years of development, it has become the pioneer of modern testing and measurement technology in China. Supported by flexible testing technology, pan China Measurement and control specializes in the research and development of measurement and control products, and provides services such as integration, calibration and training; Pan China Measurement and control focuses on the production of solutions and complete sets of equipment for chrome copper: more than 380 phosphor bronze: more than 490 in-process testing and measurement, and its services widely cover aerospace, automotive, marine, electronics, electric power and other fields. In the automotive industry, he has excellently provided high-quality services to Siemens VDO, Honeywell, Hubei Erqi, Delphi and other customers, and won praise for accurate measurement, thoughtful service, deep understanding and so on

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