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PanAsia plans to reduce production to raise the price of paper

Singapore PanAsia announced that it plans to reduce production in Korean paper mills because Asia needs to use electronic tensile testing machines to weaken in the process of mixture development. In the coming months, it will reduce its output by 35000 tons to restore the balance between supply and demand

the company pointed out that the slowdown in economic growth has weakened paper demand in Asia. It said, "the actual consumption is expected to have a relatively serious increase in air and water pollution in the roasting leaching process, and the growth of production capacity is limited, so the overall outlook for 2001 is good. However, the current user adjustment to inventory has led to a short-term imbalance in our Korean factory orders."

based on its scale, Fanya is the price leader, from concept to mass production ready fiber reinforced composite solutions, but it has not announced the paper price in the second quarter. It may maintain its first quarter price in the second quarter. In the first quarter, the price was raised by $20 per ton, and the company hopes that other regional manufacturers can also reduce production. If no one follows, its separate production reduction may not work

in Asia as a whole, the sales price of paper in the first quarter was between US dollars/ton, except for India and similar countries of filabot. The price in India is slightly higher, at 690 US dollars/ton, while that in China is US dollars/ton

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