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China's construction machinery industry needs to accelerate the pace of manufacturing to "smart manufacturing"

manufacturing to "smart manufacturing" China's construction machinery industry needs to accelerate the pace

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at the global construction machinery industry Conference and the top 50 summit held in Beijing a few days ago, Hou Yunchun, deputy director of the development research center of the State Council, pointed out that China's construction machinery industry must accelerate the pace of transforming from manufacturing to smart manufacturing and from a large country to a powerful country

five development trends

in the rapid development of China in the past decades, China's construction machinery manufacturing industry has played an important role. China's construction machinery market has become the fastest growing and largest market in the world. Houyunchun said, "judging from the top 50 global construction machinery companies announced so far, 11 Chinese companies have been selected to rank first with Japan. This shows that China's construction machinery has become an important market and manufacturing base in the world." Nevertheless, there are also some weak links in China's construction machinery industry, that is, the industrial concentration is not high, and the homogenization competition is serious. Especially in the market environment of slowing economic growth and great downward pressure in recent years, China's construction machinery industry is also facing a big test

among the top 50 construction machinery industry announced this time, the world's top 50 manufacturing enterprises had sales of $159.564 billion in 2014, a year-on-year decrease of 10.67%. On the ranking list, 11 Chinese enterprises were listed, becoming one of the countries with the largest number on the list

"In this list, I noticed that China ranks first with Japan in terms of the number of enterprises, third in terms of sales, seventh in terms of profit volume, and second from the bottom in terms of profit margin. This shows that China's construction machinery industry urgently needs to speed up the transformation and upgrading from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, and from a large country to a powerful country. Especially under the background that China's economy has entered the new normal and the recovery of global economic growth is weak, it is also putting forward some suggestions for the development of the construction machinery industry It not only challenges, but also provides some opportunities. " Hou Yunchun said

from the current market situation, Hou Yunchun believes that China's construction machinery industry will still face five development trends in the future:

one is scale. This is to improve the concentration of industries, especially in China's engineering manufacturing industry. The number of enterprises is large and relatively scattered, so it is necessary to further improve the concentration of industries

second, intellectualization. Further improve the intelligent level of China's construction machinery and the manufacturing of high-end products

third, branding. With the increasingly fierce competition, construction machinery is increasingly concentrated in some advantageous enterprises, especially some well-known brands. There are many construction machinery products in China, with a large number and sales ranking high in the world, but our well-known brands are few and need to be further strengthened

fourth, marketization. Marketization is not a problem in global construction machinery products, but there is a problem of further promoting the marketization of construction machinery in China, especially the connection between construction machinery and some large engineering projects, which are often government driven projects in China. How to give full play to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources, and how to better play the role of the government, further promote and speed up the marketization of construction machinery, the marketization level, and how to allocate resources by the market still need further efforts through deepening reform

fifth, internationalization. Especially with the implementation of the strategic concept of "the the Belt and Road" and the acceleration of Chinese enterprises' going global, China's construction machinery has a further trend towards international marketization

three development opportunities

it is worth mentioning that overseas, the influence of Chinese machinery products and brands continues to increase, and the pace of Chinese enterprises continues to deepen. Chinese construction machinery manufacturers have gone through the first two stages of "simple overseas trade" and "building overseas agent channels and offices", and then entered the third stage - establishing manufacturing bases and R & D centers overseas. Some leading enterprises have further improved their manufacturing technology and overall strength into the fourth stage - using "local talents, technologies, products, etc." to promote the localization strategy of target markets

"with the deepening of the the Belt and Road strategy and the deepening of Chinese manufacturers' expansion in the global market, overseas business will become an important pole driving the continuous growth of Chinese engineering machinery manufacturers in the future," Li Jianbo said In this regard, Qi Jun, President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said

to sum up, Hou Yunchun believes that China's construction machinery industry will face three major development opportunities in the future

first of all, under the circumstances of relatively large downward pressure on the economy, slowing growth and weak export pull, China should focus on expanding domestic demand. While actively encouraging consumer demand, we should further play the key role of investment in economic pull. Recently, the state has issued a series of policies and measures, especially promoting the combination of government and social capital in the form of PPP, and accelerating the investment and construction of major projects. In May this year, the PPP project recommended by the national development and Reform Commission carried out communication through the serial port (COM number) behind the computer. The signal card can be directly inserted into any 1pcl of the computer, digitized and connected to the CPLD chip to complete high-speed signal processing. There are 1043 PPP projects, with an investment of 1.97 trillion yuan. It is now being actively promoted. It is believed that this round of expanded investment will further stimulate the manufacturing and market sales of construction machinery

secondly, the opportunity is China's urbanization. A famous Nobel laureate once said that the two engines driving the development of the world's global economy in the 21st century are American high technology and China's urbanization. China's urbanization is rapidly increasing at a rate of one percentage point per year, which is a major positive for both China and the world. Moreover, this market is gradually promoted and stably developed, which has a great demand for construction machinery. In particular, the level of urbanization in China, on the one hand, the scale of urbanization is expanding, on the other hand, the level of urbanization is also gradually improving. We should not only see that China's cities are now full of high-rise buildings on the ground, but there are many underground debts. We should improve the quality and level of urbanization and speed up the transformation of underground pipes, which also provides a lot of market space for construction machinery

secondly, the construction of the the Belt and Road, the maritime Silk Road and the Silk Road Economic Belt initiated and promoted by China, as well as the corresponding Asian infrastructure investment bank, the Silk Road Fund, etc., are all actively promoted around accelerating the infrastructure construction of countries along the "the Belt and Road", which also brings a good opportunity for construction machinery manufacturing to "go global"

there are great opportunities for advantageous enterprises

Hou Yunchun stressed that under the current market environment, China's construction machinery manufacturing industry should do a good job in the following points:

first, advantageous construction machinery manufacturing enterprises will usher in an opportunity of internal integration and external low-cost expansion, accelerate mergers and acquisitions among enterprises, and optimize resource allocation

second, we should strive to improve the quality of construction machinery manufacturing products and service level, and strive to create more brands

Third, under the situation of informatization and "interconnection +", construction machinery enterprises should also closely embrace interconnection and combine online and offline

fourth, accelerate the unity and cooperation of China's construction machinery industry, go to sea together, and play an important role in promoting the construction of the "the Belt and Road". At the same time, I also wish the global construction machinery industry and China's construction machinery industry to work together to meet the great opportunity for China's economy to further adjust and promote urbanization, implement the "the Belt and Road" strategy, jointly promote the healthy development of China's economy and the global economy, and make positive contributions to the sustainable development of the world economy

"although China's economy has entered the new normal and is facing the pressure of economic downturn, the resilience and potential of China's economic growth are still there. I think it is safe for China's economy to achieve the predetermined target of 7% this year. From the current situation, a series of measures taken by the state to stabilize growth are gradually taking effect." Hou Yunchun said

industry analysts pointed out that with the further stabilization and improvement of the global economy and industrial operation, as well as the favorable implementation of China's economy and policies, driven by many positive factors, China will still maintain the position of the world's largest market for construction machinery, and China's construction machinery industry has also become a dominant industry in the entire equipment manufacturing industry, going global, and will also achieve higher quality development in the future

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