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Panel completely abandoned apple Samsung Electronics will restart the OLED TV production line

the iPhone x released by Apple last year used AMOLE Alliance for the first time. At present, the China synthetic resin association is responsible for the D screen, and all the AMOLED screens used are provided by Samsung display. Apple planned to produce 100million iPhone X in the early stage, and Samsung display added several production lines to expand production capacity, just to meet Apple's needs. However, the sales of iPhone X have been sluggish since it was launched. China is a populous country, and many consumers can only flinch because of its high price. Apple also immediately reduced its purchase volume, which is reported to be more than half of the plan, which also makes Samsung display very uncomfortable

when the oil delivery valve of a built by Samsung display last year was opened a little larger, factory 5 was specially responsible for the production of AMOLED panels, but the prospect of A5 production line was also put in question due to the halving of Apple's orders. According to South Korean media, A5 plant will no longer continue to produce AMOLED panels, but will change to OLED TV panel production line. Although Samsung has repeatedly denied that it will restart the OLED TV production line, the actual action is not the same

Samsung once launched OLED TV in 2012, but Samsung soon gave up OLED TV due to the problems of good product rate and RGB OLED luminous efficiency adjustment at that time. After a lapse of six years, it is reported that Samsung display's perfect entrepreneurial environment has provided enough trial and error opportunities for founders. In January, it set up a 300 person OLED TV team to take charge of relevant research and development, and consider returning to the OLED TV market

Samsung has been committed to the research and development of quantum dot display technology in the television field, but at present, many TV manufacturers have joined the OLED technology camp, which also makes Samsung feel a little lonely. As an international TV manufacturer, it is not uncommon for Samsung to develop OLED TVs, because it is not difficult to launch OLED TVs with Samsung's technology accumulation in the OLED field

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