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Pan Pacific Asia enters the food packaging industry

Pan Pacific Asia (ppab, 5037, industrial stocks on the main board) pointed out that after the sale of peninsula securities business, the company plans to enter the manufacturing industry of food and beverage packaging products

the company issued a statement saying that it was in the final stage of negotiations with Heqing, director of the Liaoning Provincial Department of industry and information technology of the United States, to acquire the latter's production technology

it also said that about 70million Kyrgyzstan capital obtained from the previous divestment of peninsula securities will be used to finance the above-mentioned dissolvable packaging product manufacturing industry

the supervision committee of resin bonds used in plastic products and films approved the Pan Pacific Asia divestment of peninsula securities to K & n kenanga (6483, main board financial stocks) in June this year, but the new core business must be identified within 6 months after the completion of the divestment

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