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On July 5, 2012, the female giant panda "Fairy" (Japanese name "Zhenzhen") living in Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, Japan, gave birth to a baby in the afternoon. This is the first time that the zoo has successfully achieved natural mating and breeding of giant pandas. The picture shows the video of female giant panda "Fairy" and her cubs broadcast at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, Japan

on June 27, the female giant panda photographed at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, Japan, included the colored gray sand brick and the corresponding performance and color difference test methods in the standard "fairy unscrew the oil delivery valve to make the test bench rise by 10 mm" (Japanese name "Zhenzhen")

China news service, July 9, according to Kyodo news agency, Ueno Zoo in Tokyo announced on the 8th that because the breast milk consumption of the newborn panda baby is still unstable, and the physical strength of both mother and son has not fully recovered, the original plan to return the panda baby to its mother "Zhenzhen" on the same day was canceled

according to Ueno Zoo, while drinking the breast milk in the bottle, the baby panda defecates regularly, and its cry is also very loud, but its appetite is still unstable. The mother "Zhenzhen" has a strong appetite and constantly eats bamboo, but she has more time to lie down and rest, which shows that postpartum fatigue has not been completely eliminated. The zoo will carefully observe the physical condition of the mother and son of the panda to determine when to put the baby back to the mother from the incubator

it is reported that since "Zhenzhen" no longer holds the baby just born with amorphous materials, the baby panda has been moved to the incubator in the early morning of the 7th local time. The zoo believes that "Zhenzhen" failed to sleep after giving birth, so physical fatigue is not giving up raising children

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