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Pan Asia and Longteng jointly establish paper. Welcome to call our production plant

Pan Asia Paper Products Co., Ltd. and Hebei Longteng Paper Corporation have recently established a paper production plant in North China with a joint investment of US $300million in Hehuan stiffness testing machine, which fully meets the requirements of gb21238 (2) 007 "glass fiber reinforced plastic sanding pipe" and gb/t9647 (2) 003 "determination of ring stiffness of thermoplastic pipe". According to people familiar with the matter, Pan Asia paper holds 65% of the shares in the joint venture project, and Hebei long tensile testing machine holds 35% of the shares of Teng paper corporation when doing the tensile test. The joint venture plant will start construction in the fourth quarter of this year and is expected to be put into production in the third quarter of 2005

Pan Asia paper products is a joint venture jointly established by Canadian companies and Norwegian companies. Headquartered in Singapore, it is a major paper supplier in Asia. At present, the company has a paper production capacity of about 1.5 million tons, and its factories are located in South Korea, Thailand, Shanghai and other places

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