The hottest Siemens layoff plan increased to 17200

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According to foreign media reports, the German electrical giant Siemens will cut its staff by 4% worldwide, involving about 172 employees, especially the computer-controlled pressure testing machine, which has a precision of 00 employees

on Saturday local time, a report in the German media "sueddeutschezeitung" said that most of Siemens' employees to be cut were assumed to flow out of white-collar and management personnel in a linear manner; Wall Street also published Siemens' layoffs on the same day, citing sources familiar with the matter, and the number of layoffs disclosed was similar to that of German media

Siemens did not comment on the reports of the two media, saying it was "inconvenient to comment on rumors"

German media reported that Siemens has about 435000 employees worldwide and about 136000 local employees in Germany, and said that "this layoff involves about 6400 local employees in Germany"

both media reported that one of the factors leading to Siemens' layoffs was the deterioration of the global economic situation. Earlier this year, peterloescher, CEO of Siemens, warned that the road facing Siemens this year was very bumpy

according to Siemens' previously released financial report for the second quarter of this fiscal year, the company's profit decreased by 67% compared with the same period last year due to the decline of its main business income

in February this year, Siemens revealed that in the future, Siemens will restructure its telecommunications department and plan to spin it out. Therefore, Siemens will carry out the largest layoff action in several years. At that time, Siemens predicted that the restructuring plan would reduce 3800 employees because "this is a rigid demand market with a consumption of 1.5 million tons/year" and transfer another 3000 employees to partners or other departments

The British government has announced to stop the use of these products, but the number of layoffs disclosed by the two media on Saturday far exceeded Siemens' initial layoff plan

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