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Siemens optimizes its industrial layout and ploughs deeply into the Chinese market recently, Siemens released information at the 2011 China International Industrial Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Industrial Expo) held in Shanghai, saying that the company has adjusted its automation, drive and service strategies, and has several 10 patents in the industrial business field every year, making it more close to the needs of customers, and reiterated its commitment to leading technology to enhance the sustainable value of customers. The adjusted industrial business area is composed of three business groups: industrial automation, drive technology and customer service, as well as the metallurgical technology department directly led by the business area

Siemens' industrial business area bundles products, systems and solutions to provide customers with an integrated product portfolio and improve customer productivity, efficiency and flexibility. In order to give further play to its market leading position, this business area focuses on tapping the potential of growth industries such as automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, mining and pulp and paper. At the same time, we should pay attention to technology-based service business, strengthen cooperation with chitosan as cationic polymer, and closely connect products, systems and solutions to serve related industries

rcwucherer, President of Siemens' industrial business in Northeast Asia, said: the new organizational structure is completely consistent with Siemens' development strategy of strengthening industrial automation, industrial software, drive technology and services. To strengthen and integrate itself is to better serve the rapidly developing industry and service market through an efficient and one-stop service product portfolio, first of all, based on the strength advantage of the tested range of the automatic pull test machine with good resistance to common battery electrolytes. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, Siemens will continue to support China's development and is committed to sharing its advanced technology in industrial production with China to help China further promote industrial upgrading

it is reported that the industrial business field will also increase production and R & D investment in China, strengthen its innovative advantages, and provide more products, systems and solutions to meet the needs of global customers. On the eve of the opening of the Industrial Expo, Siemens launched a high-efficiency motor simoticsgp1le0 that meets China's energy efficiency level 2. The motor can significantly reduce energy consumption and help customers greatly reduce carbon emissions, helping customers achieve sustainable development

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