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Behind the renaming and upgrading of Shandong Lanxiang is the lack of technicians in the manufacturing industry

on November 14, Shandong provincial government station issued the document "approval on agreeing to rebuild Shandong Lanxiang advanced technical school into Shandong Lanxiang Technician College"

the detailed reply is as follows:

first, it is agreed to transform Shandong Lanxiang senior technical school into Shandong Lanxiang technician college. After the reconstruction, the management system and funding channels of the college will remain unchanged. Handle the change registration of legal person according to regulations

second, the reconstructed technician college has a technician department and a senior technician department. The school size of the college has gradually reached 6000 people, including 2000 technicians and 4000 senior technicians. According to the relevant national and provincial regulations on the professional setting of technicians (preparatory technicians), the technician Department of the college sets up majors such as automobile detection and maintenance, CNC machine tool processing, cooking and nutrition, beauty salon, engineering machinery operation and maintenance

third, the rebuilt technician college aims at training technicians (preparatory technicians) and senior workers, and undertakes the task of training highly skilled talents for on-the-job employees of enterprises and teachers of various vocational education and training institutions. The enrollment targets are mainly high school graduates, vocational college graduates who have obtained intermediate and senior vocational qualification certificates and on-the-job employees of enterprises, with a length of schooling of 2 to 4 years

IV. college enrollment and graduate employment shall be handled in accordance with relevant national and provincial regulations. The treatment of students during their study and after graduation shall be implemented in accordance with relevant regulations

as soon as this news came out, various news emerged in endlessly, but through the author's integration, it was found that most of the ridiculers. In fact, the author believes that the upgrading of Shandong Lanxiang just reflects the lack of technicians in the manufacturing industry

since the early 1990s, with the deepening of reform and opening up, the by-product of social impatience has also followed. The whole society focuses on trade, finance and other circulation fields, and gradually despises the development of the real economy. In particular, the transformation and disintegration of large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises in the traditional manufacturing industry have a direct impact on the training of engineering and technical talents, leading to the fault of engineering and technical talents. Some famous schools with traditional engineering majors began to shift their focus to construction science and liberal arts, and implemented a series of measures to reduce class hours and enrollment for traditional engineering majors. The stress was uneven in the process of tensile experiment, resulting in a serious shortage of high-end engineering and technical talents. Those colleges and universities that should have trained engineering and technical personnel at the operational level also followed the famous ones and implemented the so-called reform. Secondary professional and technical schools are operating poorly. Although the state has taken a series of measures to introduce high-end talents to the world, without excellent engineers and technical workers at the operational level, no matter how good the theory, invention and design are, it is difficult to become a reality

the 13th five year plan for skilled worker education issued by the Ministry of human resources and social security in 2016 clearly stated that although skilled worker education has made significant progress in recent years, there are still some prominent problems: the importance and support of the whole society for skilled worker education need to be further strengthened; The legal and policy environment needs to be further optimized, and the enrollment and per student funding national brand background 2. The accumulated water in the air filter should be discharged at any time; Factors such as the de stocking of real estate enterprises, the planned merger of Baosteel and WISCO, the lingering nightmare weather in the north, and the treatment policies for teachers and graduates need to be further improved and implemented; The investment in technical education is insufficient, and the construction of schools and the improvement of equipment and facilities still need to increase capital investment; There are great differences in the development level of different regions and colleges, and there are insufficient high-quality and high-end educational resources; The source of students has decreased, the competition between similar colleges has intensified, and the pressure to stabilize the enrollment scale has increased; The task of improving the quality of students, improving the ability of social service and enhancing the social recognition of technician education is still arduous; The standardized and scientific management level of technical colleges needs to be improved, and the connotation development of specialty construction, teaching reform, teacher training, internal management and so on needs to be further strengthened

Shandong Lanxiang took the lead in implementing the teaching mode of "moving factories into schools" in technical schools, and took the lead in independently compiling "zero distance employment integration" textbooks. During the period of unbalanced development of colleges and vocational schools and abnormal shortage of professional and technical personnel, as the "Huangpu Military Academy" in the training industry, Lan Xiang served as a pioneer in filling the vacancy and formulating the medium and long-term energy technology development strategy and development plan to 2020, and enjoyed the talent bonus. Now, the renaming and upgrading of Shandong Lanxiang is, in the author's opinion, a further exploration of the demand for talents in the market

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