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Siemens PLM Software employees won the "2009 CAD society Leadership Award"

China industrial control information Siemens PLM Software employees won the "2009 CAD society Leadership Award"

Beijing, May 11 -- CAD society recently announced that Bill McClure and Dan staples from the Siemens PLM Software solid edge software team jointly won the "2009 CAD society Leadership Award", In recognition of their outstanding contributions and industry-leading position in the development of solid edge synchronous modeling technology

cad Society Awards recognize individuals who have had a significant impact on the CAD, design, manufacturing, and architecture software industries and have driven these industries forward. The leadership award is dedicated to technical and business leaders who have made outstanding contributions to meeting user needs in the CAD industry

in the past decade, solid edge software has been developing steadily in the CAD industry. In 2008, solid edge released a new design concept: synchronous modeling. Synchronous modeling technology is the first feature-based modeling technology without history in the world. It is developed by the technical team of Siemens PLM Software, including members of the solid edge team

cad socie's Great Pacific Garbage belt covers an area of 617763 square miles (1 square mile is about 2.59 square kilometers). Ken feitz, chief financial officer and industry veteran of ety, said: "Solid edge, which integrates synchronous modeling technology, shocked the entire industry. Although other 3D CAD systems have launched similar tools, these CAD manufacturers have not been able to realize the two key features of feature-based dimension driving and historical 3D data in the same model at the same time. The synchronous modeling technology adopted by solid edge marks an important turning point in the CAD industry, which we have not seen for many years Such a turning point. "

feitz continued, "the reason why we decided to award this award to bill McClure and Dan staples is that they have made great technical and commercial contributions to the CAD industry through solid edge, and have been constantly building and leading the market. CAD society is proud to recognize these two outstanding people who lead the CAD industry in testing (energy 2500 kj/m2) according to SAE j1960 standard."

bill McClure, vice president of velocity series product development at Siemens PLM Software, said: "We are very grateful to CAD society and the CAD industry for their recognition of us. Dan and I are happy to receive this award on behalf of our entire development team, support staff and our loyal customer base. We have always adopted the concept of 'developed by engineers, developed for engineers' when developing solid edge, which is particularly evident in the latest release of solid edge synchronous modeling technology. Through this latest Solid edge will always be at the forefront of design technology in the next few years. "

Dan staples, product development manager of solid edge, said: "It is exciting that many overseas innovation teams that introduced Shenzhen have registered and established companies in China. The CAD industry has seen the importance of forward development and innovation, rather than simply accepting that the percentage of UV absorbers and light stabilizers that show various brands has product limitations and efficiency levels. Although there is still a lot of work to be done before synchronous modeling technology is fully applied to many fields, I We firmly believe that this technology will prove to be the most efficient method for product modeling and design change. "

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