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Siemens MM4 inverter won the silver award for energy-saving products at the 2008 Shanghai international energy conservation and emission reduction Expo. On June 7, 2008, the 3-day third Shanghai international energy conservation and emission reduction Expo officially opened. The Expo is jointly hosted by six units, including Shanghai Energy Conservation Association and Shanghai Energy Conservation Service Center, with "energy conservation" and "emission reduction" as the two fulcrums, mainly including the 2007 Shanghai energy conservation and emission reduction retrospective exhibition, energy conservation technology and products Museum, building energy conservation Museum, and family energy conservation experience Museum

as an internationally leading well-known enterprise in the field of automation, Siemens (with the rapid development of new energy vehicles gradually emerging in China) Co., Ltd. and the automation and drive group actively participated in the 2008 national energy saving week. The computer tensile testing machine produced by Jinan Shijin met the manufacturing standard of testing machine gb/t16491 ⑴ 996 "electronic universal testing machine standard", and participated in the fair. At the exhibition, Siemens showed industrial users internationally advanced energy-saving technologies and products, including MM4 series frequency converters, high-performance vector control and torque control technologies

it is worth mentioning that in order to further implement the work of energy conservation and emission reduction in Shanghai. 1. In addition to its own jaws, the hydraulic jaws are practical, and enhance the enterprise's independent innovation ability and domestic and international competitiveness, the Organizing Committee held an energy-saving technology and product evaluation activity during the exhibition to vigorously publicize and promote advanced and efficient energy-saving and environmental protection technologies and products. The jury was composed of many industry experts from Shanghai Energy Conservation Association, Shanghai Electric Machinery Association, Shanghai Electric Power Industry Association and Shanghai Electrical Industry Energy Conservation Association. Based on the principle of "fairness, impartiality and openness" and rigorous evaluation rules, the self-learning Technology Awards of gold, silver, copper and innovative knowledge were awarded. Siemens MM4 standard inverter won the silver medal of energy-saving technology and products at the 2008 Shanghai international energy conservation and emission reduction Expo because of its excellent product quality and outstanding energy-saving effect

MM4 series frequency converters sold in China are produced by factories in Britain, Germany and Tianjin, China. Since 2001, in order to adapt to the changing needs of domestic users, Siemens MM4 inverter has continuously improved and promoted localized products. High quality products are widely admired by domestic and foreign enterprise users. They are widely used in power, alumina, steel, elevator, textile and other industries and many famous international projects, and are highly praised by many well-known users at home and abroad

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