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Pumpkin storage and transportation fresh-keeping technology

pumpkin originated in India and southern China. Now it is cultivated all over the country. The quality is diverse, and the shapes are long, gourd shaped. The industry of experimental machine is no exception, and persimmon shaped; The color of melon skin includes golden yellow, dark green and earthy yellow. The melon planted in shed is small in shape, but of good quality; The melon planted on the ground is large, but the equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulators encounter huge business opportunities. At present, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high and the quality is poor. Pumpkin is easy to grow and is a summer dish. Ripe pumpkin melon meat is orange yellow, rich in carotene and cellulose; It also contains peptidase, which can dissolve insoluble protein and make it easy for human body to absorb. Therefore, pumpkin is an excellent health food. There is a kind of small golden melon with less than one kilogram in supermarkets, which is packaged individually and has a high value

pumpkins stored or sold in distant markets are old pumpkins, with thick meat and less water, strong water retention capacity of melon skin, and it doesn't matter if the environmental humidity is as low as 70%, and they are relatively pressure resistant, so pumpkins are better stored and transported among melons and vegetables. After harvest, it can be stored for twoorthree months. As a long-term storage pumpkin, it is harvested when it is fully ripe. When it is harvested, the handle is twoorthree centimeters long, cut with a knife, and then transported back to the warehouse or a cool place

there are ways to store pumpkins, including stacking on the ground and shelving. The pile is easy to loosen due to the vibration during the experiment. The hiding is to lay a layer of hay on the ground, or straw mats or clean river sand, and then stack the pumpkins one by one according to their growth. You can also put the melon into the basket, and then fold the basket, so as to occupy less land. Properly ventilated to avoid water droplets on the surface of the melon due to temperature changes in the morning and evening

usually packed in baskets or cartons. The little golden melon is wrapped in paper and inserted into a carton between the head and the tail. Be careful not to let the hard handle stab the melon body. Generally, they are stored and transported at room temperature, and the fresh-keeping period is twoorthree months. If it is stored and transported at low temperature, it can be kept fresh for 5-6 months at 10-15 ℃. Note that lower than 5 ℃ will suffer from cold damage

information source: Farmers' business opportunities

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