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Storage, transportation and preservation of carnation cut flowers

carnation, also known as carnation, is one of the main cut flowers in Fuyang City. Carnation is widely cultivated in all parts of our province because of its beautiful, elegant and fragrant flowers, long flowering time, easy storage and preservation. Carnation can be divided into: single flower carnation (standard Carnation) has one flower, and multi flower carnation (scattered Carnation) has several flowers on its main branches

(I) cutting and post harvest treatment

in summer, carnation cut flowers can be cut every day. In winter, it is generally cut once a week on Wednesday, and the flower picking time is easy to choose in the morning and evening. If you need immediate marketing, you can cut the petals when they are obviously exposed for 1 cm; If transported abroad, it can be cut when the petals are exposed below 5cm; If it is stored and sold in the off-season, it can be picked and cut when the calyx above the bud cracks in a cross shape and slightly shows the flower color. The flower development on the multi flowered carnation is inconsistent, and the lower part of the stem and the opposite leaves can be removed from the cut flowers that are not for sale temporarily. And size grading, every 20 flowers tied into a bunch. Because carnation is sensitive to ethylene, it should be treated with STS (mmol/l) for half an hour. After STS treatment, the flowering time and storage period after Kelvin can be significantly prolonged

(II) refrigeration

flowering carnation, which cannot be sold temporarily, can be placed in ℃ for refrigeration, and the temperature cannot be too low, otherwise the petals will be damaged. The buds have strong frost resistance and can be stored at ℃. Carnation stored for a long time should choose healthy branches with large buds. The flower branches should be sprayed with bactericide before or after harvest, then dried, placed in a low-temperature dark room at about 5 ℃, and the stem base should be inserted into a mixed solution containing 0.3mmol/lsts, 10% sucrose and 55mg/l silver nitrate for 5cm, for about 1 day

(III) flowering promotion cannot be started after adding materials.

stored carnation can be sold only after flowering promotion. Put it at ℃ for 12 hours before flower induction. The flowering temperature should be about 25 ℃, the humidity should be more than 90%, and the light should be 2000lx for 16 hours a day. The flower inducing solution consists of 7% sucrose, 8-hqc200mg/l and 25mg/l silver nitrate. The stem base of the flowering branch should be cut off about 3cm before flower induction to enhance its ability to absorb the flower induction liquid. The air in the flower inducing room should be circulated to avoid the harmful effect of ethylene and the breeding of mold during flowering

(IV) bottle solution

1, 5% sucrose +200mg/l8-hqs + 20 ~ 50 mg/L benzyladenine

2, 3% sucrose +300mg/l8-hqs+500mg/l bijiu 20mg/l benzyladenine +10mg/l freshener

3, 5 ~ 20mmol/l CIS propylene phosphoric acid aqueous solution soaked the stem base for 1 hour, and then transferred into 2% sucrose +300mg/l8-hqc

4, 4mmol/lsts treatment for 10 minutes, and then transfer into 5% sucrose +200mg/l8-hqc+50mg/l. I believe you have a definite understanding of this after reading silver acetate (or silver nitrate)

(Fuyang agricultural technology dongshunsheng, Jin Xiaohua, Yi Fang)

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